Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Roundup

JP has recently taken a new position with a new company which is super great because finally he's being recognized and rewarded for his expertise. So he's happy and what's better than that?

I'll tell you what: his new position is located throughout lower Delaware which means we get to eventually sell our house in icky upper Delaware and move to the DE shore area.  So now we're both happy because I have desperately been missing living near the ocean since we moved away from the Jersey shore 10 years ago.

So, yes, there's a good deal of happy going on.

Well, except for the idea of moving part.
And the idea of selling our house part.

We have such a great house.  I don't want to leave it.  I get a sick feeling about leaving it.
It's this 80-year-old solid, beautiful farmhouse on a one acre plot of land with a ton of history. And original glass door knobs and walls so thick you can't hear anything for a mile and a really private giant backyard. And, oh, that gazebo back there that we spend so much time in!

Finding this somewhere else is going to be next to impossible.

But JP's new position requires for him to divide his time between four dealership locations; the furthest being nearly two hours away from our now house.  That's too much commuting. And he doesn't want me to be up here holding down the fort while he's down there.

So, yes, there's a good deal of house-related ambivalence going on.

 But we have to try to put emotions aside and go forward logically, so we set off this past Saturday to go exploring potential areas that we targeted to move to. Sherilyn came along to double our fun. We're so lucky that she loves to spend time with us and that she does so at least once a week. We can do a whole lot of nothing together and still have the best time. ♥

Everywhere we look in lower Delaware they are putting up new houses. We could have our pick of a ton of new houses that are available.
Except we don't especially like new houses.
Or open concept houses, which seems to be the only style anyone is building.
Open concept houses are just big rooms with a bunch of furniture and other stuff dumped into it and arranged so that it looks like how a house with walls would look.  Except the walls are missing. And it looks like a big confusing mess.  It's so weird. Why do people love this so much?

Also, I detest round top windows and guess what most of the houses have?

And don't even get me started on the granite countertop thing.  Do you ever watch those HGTV kind of shows and all the people ever talk about is how they have to have granite countertops? Drives me nuts. I could not care less about having a granite countertop.  I don't care if they're trendy. I never care if something is trendy. And if I ever resort to bragging about having granite countertops, something has gone drastically wrong in my life and I urge you to slap me and shake me by the shoulders until I come to my senses.

These new houses remind me of those signs you see for sale in the home decorating-type stores that say "Farmhouse" or "Antiques".  You know the ones, right?  They look like this:

These kinds of signs are all new and shiny and have zero signs of originality or character like a real sign would have and what in God's good name is that font that could not be less farmhouse-y??

I paint and sell original and replica wood signs.  I distress them so they look like they were hanging in a real farmhouse a hundred years ago.  My signs look authentic even if they're not.  Unlike these houses that we were looking at - nothing authentic about them at all. They're cookie cutter and mass-produced - like the above sign.  They don't have a solid, real feel to them. 

I am disheartened by all of this newfangled house nonsense but I hold out hope that some old farmhouse or decent regular house is going to come on the market or that there is a builder out there who is at least mass-producing homes with character and quality.
And walls.

And isn't beige.

We found a charming little cafe for lunch that Sherilyn said looked like something straight out of Gilmore Girls...and then we held hands and giggled while we jumped up and down and then I said something fast and clever in one long run-on sentence and she laughed and laughed and then said something in that sardonic way of hers while JP looked annoyed and rolled his eyes at us.   I kid, but we could have done that as we are both very big Gilmore Girls fans. When that show came out, Sherb¹ and I were like, holy crap they made a show about us.  Spend some time with us.  You'll see.  Anyway, we had a terrific lunch there with sandwiches made with homemade farmhouse bread, thank you Jesus, and one of the best cups of coffee I've had in a long time.  As my very upbeat dear friend Drew would say, "tremendous quality!"
Later in the day, we also found an adorable bake shop that had some of the worst baked goods I've ever eaten in my life.  I used to own a cupcake business, I know baked goods.  And even though I don't have that business anymore, I still love cupcakes and am always on the lookout for good ones. We should have known better before buying a bunch of stuff because the lady behind the counter was busy making up an order of her not-so-great cupcakes and seemed put off at having to wait on us.  

I took one bite of mine and threw it out, it was that bad.  The cake was dry and definitely not fresh and it had that kind of icing that you get in supermarket baked goods...where it's cheap and crunchy with sugar.  So gross. The crumb bun and apple tart were equally as bad and after a single bite got tossed in the garbage, too.  

JP, being the lesser cupcake connoisseur of the two of us, did eat his cupcake, though.  šŸ˜„  

We didn't do much more on Sunday than drink wine watch the rain from the front porch and talk talk talk about this potential move and our confusion surrounding it.

One thing I know for sure is that Poor Girl Mercantile will have a real shot in lower Delaware, much more than it does where we are now in upper.  What I mean is that it will have a better chance to be the brick and mortar place we want it to be instead of just being an online site. That's why the website is so stagnant most of time: I need it to be more than what it is and so I languish.

I am so looking forward to summer being over and the humidity to go away so I can get my groove back and think more clearly about all of this stuff.

I designed a new signature for the artwork that I post online on social media:

I'll use it on the next artwork I put out so you'll see it there. And even though I am and always will be 'sharon o'brien huey', I think using my full name on the artwork might be too long and cumbersome.  Plus I've always been called OB so it works.  Also, there is a person or two out there who would totally read into the lack of 'huey' on the signature and I wanted to let them know that all is very perfect in the Huey household.

¹Sherb is Sherilyn's nickname

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  1. Took me a second, and I had to read further but I love your new signature. House hunting is too hard, we want to move, we don't want to move. Good luck with yours!


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